Love Songs

Posted by anne duncan on Mar 12th, 2004
Mar 12

Perfumed in moonlight and rain she approached.  “Come, waltz with me” she whispered and her breath trailed like warm silk across my skin.   The invitation beckoned, tantalizingly at the tips of her fingers as she extended her hand to me.  It was not a waltz she offered.  It was a chance to dream with her, a choice to be ensnared. 

Smelling of autumn and spring time she breathed, “Come, waltz with me”, luring me into her world of mystery and delight.   She shed dreams, like a tree shedding leaves.  The older ones lay scattered around her, dry and brittle with the musty scent of disuse while the new clung, fresh and pliant, scented with possibility.

I watched as she spun slowly, her long skirts sweeping the dreams as they drifted around her.  Trailing her finger down my forearm, disturbing the fine hairs there, “Come” she sighed.  Dreams, fears, memories glinted in her eyes, but I watched as she slipped into the mist alone.