Posted by pamela on Jan 23rd, 2007
Jan 23
  • Here to play, to try out ideas, to play with inventing, or reinventing myself, to see if a presence here in this virtual reality makes any sense.
  •  In all honesty, I talk to myself.  Most of the time, maybe all the time, I have this running conversation going with myself, in my mind, as I work out ideas, or consider things.  I could liken the process to that of a rat running a maze or a hamster spinning its wheel.  The ideas need to get out, to stand on their own, to be considered, revealed, realized, examined, formalized, critiqued in less musty, cobweb filled environs than the inner workings of my brain.  It is time to set the children free and see if they amount to anything.
  •  Well, I used to write elsewhere, but the owner of that site tossed me out.  What else was there to do, but find a new place?