He isn’t Speaking to Me

Posted by gideon on Sep 27th, 2011
Sep 27

Berlimaute isn’t speaking to me.  That would be Berlimaute Remintgarnes, the Military Agent at the University of Caille in the Trossere System.  It would seem that my somewhat lackadaisical attitude has pissed him off.  Initially, he was just ticked, and had no qualms about letting me know it.  But now, he is thoroughly pissed and he isn’t speaking to me.  It quickly becomes apparently that the agents in Eve are notoriously thin skinned and are provoked by the least of perceived transgressions. One has merely to peek at the next mission and not accept it to be rapidly migrated to the shit list and from there, to oblivion.

Initially, I was concerned, worried.  Berlimaute is one of the career agents at the Universtiy of Caille.  He had things to teach me.  Important military things that I needed to know if I wasn’t to forever suffer beneath the boot of the innumerable aggressors out there in the wide EVE universe.  How could the creators be so cruel?  How was I supposed to learn how to play this game if the agents who purport to be teachers have the patience of a hyperactive toddler. It would appear I may be doomed to wander the world completely lacking in military skill because the “real” world (oh yeah, that) came calling for an extended period of time.

I am assured, by my associates in the corporation, that it doesn’t matter.  Apparently there are endless numbers of Agents and one could make a career of careening from one to the next, pissing them off and moving on.  I do wonder if anyone has tried.  Although, I suspect that some basic skills acquired early on might assist one in staying alive for the venture.  Nonetheless, the antipathy of the agents furthers my previously expressed opinion that the EVE Universe is not place for the occasional player. Hard core only need apply.

So, life goes on in EVE.  Not trusting that in one sitting I can complete the training offered by one of these Agents, or, more accurately, petty tyrants.  I have moved off to commence mining, and hopefully to make some money.  It has been suggested, that I can try another University and complete my skills training, but I hesitate.  Who’s to say that these agents don’t talk to each other and that Berlimaute hasn’t already smeared my reputation among agents near and far.

Back to the mines.

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