Tzu’s Tale

Posted by azzara on Sep 23rd, 2007
Sep 23

The Mistress Tzu and I have an on going disagreement as to the place of vigilantism in our world, she feeling that punishment should be meted out to those who trample the weak and down trodden and I believing that the decision to act in such a fashion is a disguise, a snare to entangle the self righteous. It is preferred, I believe, to always lead by example, to act in and interact with the world in ways that promote harmony and happiness as one good or kind act begets other like acts. To that end, I submit for your perusal, a tale, the Mistress’s tale.

The Mistress had decided to expand the Sisterhood, Sisters of the Forsaken, across the many differing realms of this world and to that end had a foothold on disparate and varied realms, but had focused primarily on the Horde faction, being somewhat naturally inclined that direction. Now, the Mistress is very good at acquiring funds and in short order usually amasses a considerable amount despite being new to a realm. In considering the future of this sisterhood, she determined that the alliance was underrepresented. As there are only a limited number of RPPVP realms available, she was faced with the need to abandon a Horde presence in one realm in order to better balance the Sisterhood’s representation across these worlds. Faced with this possibility, it did not seem appropriate to just abandon her stash of cash and highly valued blue items, to leave them to be reabsorbed into Blizzard’s rapacious gullet. No, some other method was necessary. So, the Priestess Azzara relayed her experience with charity, when as a novice the gentle Knight Chaembal, had taken pity on her insignificance and had gifted her with green items and gold, enabling her to venture forth and explore with more joy. Ever after Priestess Azzara has indulged herself with acts of unexpected charity. The moral of this tale resonated with the Mistress Tzu and she set out to rid herself of her monetary burden so that she could start anew as an Alliance Tzu. The Mistress waited patiently in the throne room of the Undercity, awaiting someone who would further her goals in the game, someone upon whom she could sow her gifts and see them well used. So, she waited there seeking an individual who would address her in the language of the realm. When he came at last and offered her assistance, she blessed him with financial reward beyond his imagining and left the realm to start again as his opponent in ethical combat.So, what lesson lies here?

Be kind, offer assistance and you will always be blessed in return.

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  1. Brandi Says:

    I’m consistently impressed by the caliber of players I come across in the World of Warcraft. Many people In Real Life tout the fact that they don’t play WoW, or do so very little.

    This explains why the world is full of mean sucky petty people. All the good ones are playing Warcraft with me. 🙂

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